Learning a Foreign Language? These 5 Books Will Help You Become Fluent

Language learning books are usually confused with textbooks full of grammar exercises one gets for homework. However, language learning books shouldn’t be perceived differently from those non-fiction books we would read to get inspiration and learn something new. 

That’s why I made a list of books that motivated me to learn multiple languages as a young adult, inspired me to learn the fun way and debunk myths we often come across when learning a new language. The 5 books cover different approaches such as learning languages by reading books, with exercises singers and actors do while rehearsing and also with traditional methods. Become fluent in any language by finding the right approach for you.

(article link: https://medium.com/learn-languages-with-tv/learning-a-foreign-language-these-5-books-will-help-you-become-fluent-1e52d23dc155)

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