Did you know that during the first seven months of the pandemic, Google searches for ‘language learning with Netflix’ increased by around 250%? Skyrocket your progress in your target language with these expert tips for language learning with Netflix. Find out how to learn a language with Netflix and 6 things you should definitely avoid! 

Netflix is one of the world’s most popular streaming platforms with over 203.67 million paid subscribers worldwide as of December 2020. With its wide range of movies, TV shows, cartoons, and documentaries in a variety of genres, it’s no wonder millions of people have chosen Netflix as one of their primary sources of entertainment. But Netflix can be more than just an online movie theatre – with a few tips and tricks, it can turn into a powerful language learning tool. Many shows and movies on Netflix are available in multiple languages from all around the world. Language learning with Netflix can be a lot of fun and help you make faster progress in your target language. In this comprehensive guide, we will take a detailed look at how to make the most of Netflix for language learning: different ways of searching for content to find what you need, tips and tricks for better language learning with Netflix, apps you can use to maximize the experience, and other important dos and don’ts.

If you’re also curious about how you can incorporate watching foreign films and series into your language learning plan have a read of The Intrepid Guide’s suggestions.(article link: https://www.theintrepidguide.com/tips-for-language-learning-with-netflix/?fbclid=IwAR2wsfQAdMEj2yQQ6-ePf1R99D4ImkIvzawSJw3QJjT2-qNLSLZgZnHja5Y

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