Compilation of OERs for learning foreign languages online

The compilation of OERs (open educational resources) for learning foreign languages online for self-directed learners will be the first and core result of our project. The partners will research and compile resources available online that can be used for teaching and learning languages. Through quizzes, assessment tools, and virtually any other material that can be used for educational purposes, self-directed learners will have the opportunity to learn online the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Croatian and Polish.


E-course for self-directed learners

The e-course will be addressed to learners who want to engage in self-directed learning using OERs to learn foreign languages. The e-Course will be designed to be self-administered, it will comprise modules, each module being structured in units, and each unit targeted to a specific outcome.
The output is aiming to improve use of foreign language learners’ time and improve management of their own learning. Our research has shown that guidance for independent foreign language learners is scarce and, for the most part, not freely available. We believe that these resources are sorely needed, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, where the numbers of people learning a foreign language has soared.