Project Description

Project Description

Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, two facts have become evident: there has been a widespread loss of jobs across Europe, and those who are currently without a job are
now left with a unique opportunity to upskill themselves to find better employment. According to the University of Oxford, thousands of people have decided to learn or continue
learning one of the most marketable skills for employment: foreign language. Many job search sites have also recommended that people not in employment should take the time to
improve their foreign language skills to increase their employability, and many are attempting to do so.

The object of this project is to make it easier for foreign language learners to learn a language online. To this end, it will provide a selection of high-quality resources freely available online (OERs) and compile them into this website.
This project also produces guidance addressed to foreign language learners on how to use those Open Educational Resources on the website for supporting foreign language self-directed learning. This will take the form of an e-course and will seek to ensure that our users know how to use the resources available on the website. It is hoped that this will make it easier for foreign language learners to engage in effective ways of learning and to ultimately upgrade their foreign language skills.


This project is intended to help students learning a language online, any time, anywhere without any fee and with the support of the E-courses developed for this objective.

Although this website is welcoming every potential user, we would be even more than happy to support individuals who face other difficulties like geographical distance, socioeconomic status, and so on. Specifically the project aims to reach among others:

• Learners with geographical obstacles (people living in remote/rural areas with a low degree of urbanization)
• Learners with educational difficulties
• Learners with economic obstacles (unemployed, or, living in a low-income household)
• Learners with social obstacles (LGBTQ, immigrants, women, etc.)
• Learners, which are refugees, or asylum seekers (people recognised as having official refugee or asylum seeker status)
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Our mission:
By implementing this project, the partners aim to reach a wide audience and facilitate the process of learning foreign languages online, aiming to:

  • Better prepare adults to meet the requirements of employers, educational institutions, and day-to-day life in settings where the foreign language is spoken
  • Improve digital education skills
  • Uptake online learning
  • Bring positive results of self-directed learning, leading to more positive views on self-directed learning in general
  • Develop new quality OERs that can be used by self-directed learners of a foreign language
  • Promote the use of OERs by teachers in formal instruction settings to supplement their provision of face-to-face instruction
  • Increase the dissemination of the outputs of this project and other OERs